LABCOM 8 Series Off-Line Moisture Meter


LABCOM Off-Line Moisture Meters provide immediate and accurate measurement of product moisture.

LABCOM Moisture Meters can be configured for use with a wide variety of product types.

LABCOM Off-Line Moisture Sensors

Virtually any product capable of retaining moisture can be measured using a LABCOM Moisture Meter. LABCOM Off-Line Moisture Sensors are engineered to suit the application, standard sensors are available for measurement of many forms of material including:

  • Samples of fibre, sliver, yarn, grains, powders etc
  • Packages (eg cones of yarns, bags of yarn balls etc)
  • Waddings, batts, fabric etc
  • Bales of fibre
  • HealthCare & Sanitary products

Many more options are available. 


See our technical note.


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